i need a vocation

How am I


To decide

What I am


To do

When I’m

Not even


Who I am?


15 thoughts on “i need a vocation

      1. Financial Planning would be a worst nightmare for me and anyone who would trust me to do that for them. My degrees are all in Psychology and sometimes that shows through in some of my work…

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      2. Alas, I know more than I would like to about some financial planners with one in the family… I had no doubt it leaks out into my words, especially with my background. There are many ‘survivors’ that go into the field.
        Merci beaucoup mon ami! 😀

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  1. I attempted traditional college twice then finally concluded that too much time and money are wasted on bookwork and by the time the hands-on portion of schooling arrives many are uncertain of the path they’ve taken. I’ve found that technical College was the better fit for me as I saw early on how what I learned could apply to the real world — theory and practical were delivered simultaneously.

    Working before starting college is also better way to eliminate the lines of work that are not appealing so one can make a better selection for a career path.

    School does not prepare you for the real world. Immersing your in the real world helps you better understand who you are, how you learn and what you want to gain from college.

    Best wishes on your journey of self discovery! ☺

    Lovely poem.

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  2. OH…. yes!! Just to tell you how strongly I relate… I have been writing poetry since I was 14… My degree is in Information Technology.. I have a first class high achiever award.. but the only thing I learnt from that degree is that I don’t like IT… and so I went into Finance… which I thought was too limiting on my need to change the world.. and So i joined the Central Bank.. and now I am an economist writing loads and loads of poetry 🙂

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